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Covid-19 Pandemic

Owing to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Pensions Appeal Tribunal will be operating at reduced capacity. Please note that until further notice our office at George House will be administered by a significantly reduced complement of staff. As a result there may be some delay in responding to any queries. If you need to contact us then we recommend that you e-mail us at PAT_Info_Mailbox@scotcourtstribunals.gov.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Also, because of social distancing and health and safety measures within the building there will be no in person hearings taking place for the foreseeable future.

If you have an appeal with us currently at the stage of setting a hearing date, then please be aware that you will be offered hearing by teleconference, a video conference hearing or (should you agree to this) the appeal will be determined by the tribunal panel in your absence. If none of these options are suitable, then your appeal will be set aside until in person hearings are resumed. Please be aware however that this may be sometime quite far in the future.

A link to the current practice direction in place by the President of The Pensions Appeal Tribunal, along with further links to the subsequent extensions of that direction, is provided below:

Practice Direction

Practice Direction Extension

Practice Direction Extension (29/03/2021)


The Pensions Appeal Tribunal hear appeals from ex-servicemen or women who have had their claims for a War Pension rejected by the Secretary of State for Defence.

The Tribunals' jurisdiction covers Scotland, and is independent from the Veterans Agency.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own Tribunal

The Tribunals have been set up in their present form since 1943 although they have been in existence, as part of the Lord President of the Court of Session's responsibility since the War Pensions Act 1919.

The Pensions Appeal Tribunal is headed by a President who is legally qualified and supported by a panel of part-time Legal Chairmen, Medical Members and Service Members.